How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to Your House?

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A new roofing can boost the curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

For more than two decades, many homeowners have often ignored investing themselves in planning over a proper roofing project until they start seeing leaks, molds or high utility bills. Only if they would’ve thought over it beforehand, they might not be ending up with a roof replacement or getting repairs done by a roofing contractor.

However, if you’ve found yourself in a similar fix where your current home roofing is becoming dilapidated or weak, here’s why getting a new one is important.

In this article, we are going to shed light on how much value a new roofing can add to your house. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How Does A New Roof Increase Home Value?

A new roof can increase the value of a home by up to 10-20% depending on the materials used and the condition of the existing roof.

If you want to make your home desirable for potential buyers, you can get a new roof that can offer protection from the elements & reduce future repair costs.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Before you invest yourself in getting a complete roofing job done, the answer for “How much does a new roof cost?” will vary depending on your respective budget and a variety of other factors.

These may include material, labor and other similar aspects to be considered. For instance, your house’s existing design is such that the roofing specialists might have to work around different objects like vents, skylights, & chimneys.

But to provide you with a ballpark figure, a normal asphalt roof replacement can cost anywhere between $300 to $400. If you want to remove an old roof and replace it with a brand new one, the cost for the roof removal will add up sequentially.

What are the Benefits of a New Roof?

Here are some of the benefits of adding a new roof to your existing house:

  • Improved insulation, providing energy savings throughout the year.
  • Increased protection from the elements and improved safety for your family.
  • Increased home value due to improved curb appeal.
  • Reduced noise from outside sources.
  • Reduced risk of leakage and water damage.
  • Improved air quality due to better ventilation.
  • Reduced risk of fire.
  • Protection from pests and animals.
  • Increased durability and protection from extreme weather conditions.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

What Factors Impact a New Roof’s Value?

Quality of Materials: The quality of the materials used to install a new roof can have a huge impact on the value it adds to a house. High quality materials, such as quality shingles, flashing, and underlayment, can create a longer-lasting roof that will require less maintenance and repair over time. This can be a great way to add value to a house.

Installation Method: The method used to install a new roof can also affect its value. If the roof is not installed correctly, the roof may not last as long or offer the same level of protection as a roof installed correctly. Professional roofers will use proper techniques and materials to ensure the roof is installed correctly, which can add value to the house.

Roof Pitch: The roof pitch, or slope, can also impact the value of a new roof. A steeper roof pitch can provide better protection from the elements and can last longer than a roof with a shallow pitch. The pitch will also affect the cost of installation, as steeper roofs require more materials and labor to install.

Warranty: The warranty offered for the new roof can also have an impact on its value. A longer warranty can provide peace of mind that any repairs needed over the years will be covered. Warranties can also cover extra features, such as roofing maintenance and inspections, which can add value to the house.

What is the Typical Life Cycle of a Roof?

Roofs can last for many years. However, depending on the type of material used, a roof can easily last anywhere between 2 to 15 years. The longevity of the roof’s life span depends on how well the roof has been kept maintained.

Regular maintenance and inspections of a roof can help to extend its life. Inspections should be done annually to check for missing or damaged shingles, broken flashing, and clogged gutters. Repairs should be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

It is also advised that regular cleaning of the gutters and other components of the roof must be done to ensure that the roof remains in the best condition. Not only does a well maintained roof increase the lifespan but also provides optimal protection for home & businesses.

Concluding Thoughts

A well maintained roof can increase the value of your house by ten folds. If you’re looking for a professional roofing company to install a new roof at your property, then look no further than Dimensional Pro. We are a full-scale roofing company where our experts provide you with multiple options for roofing. Whether you want an asphalt shingle roof, strip shingles, dimensional shingles, or any other type, our experts can provide you with the best solution. Need roofing repairs done by experts?

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