Not every house needs gutters. But if you live in an area that ever experiences significant rainfall or snowfall, gutters are a must have. The experts at Dimensional Pro want to share with you the important purposes that properly performing gutter systems service.

Keeping the basement dry. The most frequent homeowner complaint related to rainfall is basement flooding. If you’ve ever found water in your basement you know that the cleanup will be a massive undertaking. There’s also a concern that if the drying out process goes awry, you could end up a serious mold and mildew problem.

Avoiding erosion. Houses are supposed to be constructed on a slope that directs rainfall away from the foundation, but this isn’t always the case.  Without gutters, water will forcefully run from the roof edge, washing soil away every time there is a rainstorm. Eventually, the ground will slope towards the foundation which can create a huge problem. Too much water can also ruin planting beds and landscaping, flooding flowers and shrubs.

Protecting the foundation. Some settling of a foundation is natural, but if it settles too quickly you may end up with warped floors and cracks in the walls and ceilings. You’ll want to avoid foundation reconstruction at all costs because it is probably the costliest expense a homeowner could face.

Slowing down the deterioration of siding and windows. If your home does not have gutters, rainfall will drip onto the siding and pool at the tops of doors, window frames and on window sills. Over time, this will cause deterioration and rot. Mildew and mold will develop on wet siding, resulting in the need for more cleaning and maintenance.

So hopefully, you’ve come to the conclusion that gutters are extremely important for the overall well-being of your home.

If you currently do not have gutters, let Dimensional Pro provide you with a comprehensive list of options for new gutter installation that will work functionally and also be attractive on your home.

If you do have gutters, Dimensional Pro can provide the following services for you:

  • Gutter inspection, maintenance and cleaning: When gutters clog, they aren’t able to properly direct water away from your home. A Dimensional Pro expert will thoroughly clean and maintain the gutter, resolving any issues.
  • Gutter protection: There are some great options for products and systems that provide protection and will prevent future clogging.
  • Gutter repair: We can fix minor issues such as detached joints or minimal holes.
  • Gutter replacement: If we inspect your existing gutter system and find that it is beyond repair, we can provide you with a plan for gutter replacement that can fit within your budget

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