Residential and Commercial Repair Work for All Types of Roofs 

If you have noticed cracked or broken shingles, stubborn leaks in your ceiling, or a recent accumulation of rainwater in your attic, call Dimensional Pro Construction. You may need roofing repairs to protect your home or commercial structure.  

worker installing shingles on a roof top

Roofing Repair for Residential and Commercial Properties

Catching these types of problems early on could be the difference between a roof repair and a roof replacement, which means more than you think! Roof repairs could be a lot cheaper than a full replacement.

Our team will assess your roof damage and make the best possible recommendation based on our findings and other factors, such as the age of your roof, the physical state it’s in, and more. Rest assured, our roofing experts are trained and ready to provide an accurate, free analysis of your residential roofing needs.

We Work Fast for Your Safety 

Roof damage is inevitable, especially with the seasonal changes we see each year in Dallas, TX and the nearby areas. From hail and scorching temperatures to heavy rainfall and high winds, your roof endures a lot throughout the year. If you need roof repairs due to old age or after a storm, call the team at Dimensional Pro Construction LLC.

We provide prompt repair service, and will respond to any repair service call as quickly as we possibly can. We know how important it is to fix roof damage as fast as possible, even if it’s a minor problem. That’s why we hope you’ll call us the next time you have a few shingles blow off, you suspect you have a leak based on a spot you noticed on your ceiling, or you see any other signs of damage.

We even provide claims assistance should you need it to help cover the cost of your repair service. Call us when you need us.


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