There’s an old expression that “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Whether you embrace that sentiment or not, good fences do serve a variety of good purposes—they frame a yard, help corral the family pets and add curb appeal. Fences made out of certain materials can also serve as fantastic sound barriers, keeping out the disturbing noises from cars and trucks from nearby streets and highways or neighbors’ late night pool parties and providing a more serene experience for any outdoor space.

Dimensional Pro knows that many homeowners enjoy their wood fences. But out of all types of fence materials, wood fences demand the most maintenance and may be the most costly because they must be treated, painted or stained on a regular basis. Wood that is exposed to the elements will rot over time, resulting in a less stable fence with a shorter life span.

If you are a homeowner loving but neglecting your wooden fence, reach out to our pros at Dimensional Pro to restore your wood fence to its former state of beauty.

If you’re ready to explore an alternative to wood and replace your fence, you may want to consider some of today’s more resilient substitutes. Technology has produced many new materials available for fences. Vinyl fences require far less maintenance than a wood fence. Vinyl won’t warp, rot, splinter, peel or blister like wood. Vinyl fences never need sanding, staining or painting. A simple occasional wash with a garden hose will keep it looking like new. And vinyl fences are available in innovative styles, colors and textures.

If you’re ready to make the switch to vinyl or another material in DFW, contact Dimensional Pro for a consultation. And if you have an existing fence of any material in need of attention and repair, give us a call and we’ll determine if we can restore it or improve upon it.

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