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Dimensional Pro Construction provides roofing and construction services to commercial and residential clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area, including Haslet, TX. We have the experience and the expertise to provide expert roofing inspection, repair, and replacement services, as well as help our clients through the Insurance Claim and Restoration process.

Our Expert Services Include:

Residential Roofing

Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home from any damage. If your roof is no longer efficient, whether damaged after a big storm or simply deteriorating from everyday wear-and-tear it is important to call Dimensional Pro so that your property is not at any greater risk. Dimensional Pro Construction provides complimentary no-obligation home inspections in the DFW Metroplex. We will help you find the best style for you and your home. We’ll consider beauty, durability, affordability, color, energy, efficiency and cost.

Our crew at Dimensional Pro Roofing knows that replacing or repairing your roof can be an overwhelming process for any homeowner. We will help you consider what type of roofing to install, we’ll weigh aesthetics against the cost. Roofing materials come in varying grades and corresponding prices. We’ll investigate the full product range and help you decide based on your budget and needs.

Each year, technology continues to help bring to life exciting new products that reflect both current and historical architectural styles in housing design. Let the experts at Dimensional Pro Roofing help you find the best style for you and your home

Dimensional Pro Roofing is here to help with your residential roofing needs. We understand the importance of style as well as strength, price, and longevity. We keep the job site safe and clean, so you don’t feel like you’re living in a construction zone. Contact us today with any questions or concerns, we are happy to help!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs come in many products and materials, each built according to the specifications of the building and the budget of the owner. At Dimensional Pro Roofing, we know how important it is for business owners and building contractors to have a roof that prolongs the life of your building. A roof replacement goes a long way in terms of finances and longevity. With our help, you can enjoy new roofing material that will last you a long time.

The last thing any business needs to worry about is its roof, and Dimensional Pro wants to make sure you are covered. Our pros will help you navigate through the technology and materials that best meet the needs for an assortment of roof slopes, building designs and shapes, taking into consideration other issues.  Using only the highest quality materials, our Dimensional Pro Roofing crews install them with care. We understand the unique requirements surrounding commercial roofing and have deep experience with the specialized roofing systems required in each situation. Reach out here to learn more.

Multi-Family Roofing

Dimensional Pro is proud to work with apartment managers, community managers, HOAs, and property management companies in Texas and provide them with top-tier roof installation and repair for their multi-family dwellings, apartment buildings, and condominiums.

Most multi-housing units tend toward flat or low slope roofs, but Dimensional Pro experts have worked with all types of roofs-from steep tile roofs in combination with flat foam roofing sections and everything in between. It is important that any commercial building has a roof that prolongs the life of your building. Our pros will help you navigate through the technology and materials that best meet the needs for an assortment of roof slopes, building designs and shapes, taking into consideration other issues. 

Dimensional Pro Roofing takes pride in its service to multi-housing areas. We put tenants’ safety first and promise quick response times and timely repairs using the highest quality materials available in trade today. Our attention to detail, protection of tenants and their personal property, and usage of high quality, long lasting materials, and timely service, has helped guarantee great relationships between tenants and property management companies or landowners. 

Storm Restoration Services

Your homes roof is the ultimate line of defense when it comes to protecting your home from any natural disasters- including hail! Whether your roof has been recently damaged from a big storm, or has been experiencing major wear and tear it is important to keep your roof well maintained. A roof that hasn’t been maintained or replaced puts your property at risk for different types of roofing repairs including further destruction in the next storm.

When it comes to storm damage, we offer superior repair services for your home or commercial property. Our roofing contractors even have the expertise and knowledge in dealing with storm damage insurance claims. We work hard to have your roof repairs approved by offering claims assistance to our customers. We want to show you that a local roofing company can provide quality roofing-services, in addition to genuinely caring about the people behind the roof-repair, roof-restoration, or roof-installation. 

Dimensional Pro Construction will work hard to get your insurance claim handled quickly and fairly. When dealing with hail damage insurance claims, our roofers will provide expert handling of your insurance claim and quality workmanship for all of your roof repair or roof restoration needs.

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